Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good things are coming my way!

Look at this freaking adorable t shirt! It says I drink from the fountain of youth. I love all the tshirts that Amy makes. I sell them in the store or you can get them in her etsy shop. They are so much fun and priced so right!

I had a prize in my door yesterday from a customer. I had to close in the morning to run my stuff to the accountant. My taxes are almost done!!!! Back to the prize... it was a very cool wood cigar box filled with very old Christmas cards, a Victorian collar, a swizzle stick from the Manitowoc Hotel, a little tube of old shaving cream, and some old garter belt straps. I was racking my brain trying to figure out who could have possibly when the phone rang. It was a nice lady who orders some of my fun chalkboards every once in a while. She just wanted to let me know it was her who dropped the things off because she thought I would appreciate them more than anyone else. So nice of her to think of me. Then I got a call this morning from another customer who just cleaned her dad's house out and they had a bunch of old maps she was wondering if I wanted them for free! Good things are just happening all over the place for me right now! It's kind of nice.

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Camilla said...

Hey- thanks for directing me the way of heyamo on etsy- can't believe I haven't found her before. Your shop sounds amazing by the way.