Monday, November 17, 2014

This coffee won't spill...

If you have ever tried cross-stitch or hand embroidery, then this project might be for you. I have two sets of instructions - one from my husband and my instructions. The husband's instructions come first, and try not to be overwhelmed with the complexity, "You sit in a chair and you do sewing." Yes, those were his exact words. It sort of reminded me of when people ask Kindergartners grown up questions like, "Do you think you will get married and have kids some day?"
Anyway, the supplies are simple and inexpensive.  
1. Embroidery floss 
2. Sheet of felt 
3. An embroidery needle 4. A Persimmons Studio digital download, printed. 

I think this project would make a great gift project, for any coffee addict near you or on your 'to buy for Christmas' list. When I started this project, I sized the printable image to fit on my sheet of felt. This coffee template can be found at the Persimmons Studio online store. There are a few other coffee templates to choose from on the site - so don't be afraid to check those out! When choosing your colors, always group them together to get an idea of what they will look like together before you start stitching.

I trimmed the image to avoid having extra paper in the way, then pinned the paper template to the felt. Now some might be inclined to trace, but I actually just stitched right through the paper. Then once I was finished stitching the entire image, then I used my needle to poke holes in the paper to get it to come off of the felt background, leaving just the embroidery. 

Helpful tips: 

Use lightweight copy paper, as it is easier to stitch through and easier to remove. 

When removing the paper, use your needle to poke holes in the paper through the embroidery floss. I found that this makes the whole paper removal process much easier because you create a serrated edge that tears quite easily. 

Use your imagination to use the Persimmons Studio printable downloads as templates for a gift. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

A few help you make it ART!

There are so many digital downloads available on the Persimmons Studio shop site...and we have a few ideas to help you get inspired. Stencils are the theme of the day! Persimmons Studio printable coloring pages can be used as stencils and then put on nearly any surface! Here are a few ideas:

Footstools (Just use fabric paints for upholstered stools and regular craft paint for wooden stools). "Moths" "Fern Bird" or "Forest Floor" would be a great place to rest your feet.

TV Trays (light sanding, trace Persimmons Studio digital download, use crafts paints to add color and bring it to life. A clear acrylic sealer will prevent fading and wear.) "Oh the Glory" "Happy Girl" or "All Good" to add a lot of charm to a small piece.

Chalkboard Paint on a thrift store frame! Try purchasing a large painting from a thrift store. Don't even take it out of the frame. Get your chalkboard paint and cover the whole thing, frame and all! Once that is done, use white craft paint to add "Clouds" "Today is Amazing" or "Oh the Glory" over the chalkboard paint. Just keep plenty of chalkboard space for your own chalk doodles and notes! Save some money this holiday season and make your own gifts!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

coming soooooooon (said in a ghostly voice)

Hey everyone! Working on some fun Halloween pictures that will be available in the Persimmons Studio shop very soon! Boo.
Have a super day! xo Kim

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Brave

The fabulous art that you see was a spontaneous and unique piece I made from the Be Brave digital download. It took me less than an hour and was very easy. I printed out the digital download on my home printer and used regular copy paper. I trimmed the edges of the standard letter size paper. One thing you will notice about my craft projects is that they are quick and easy.

The supply list for this project:

sheet of copy paper (Letter size)
acrylic craft paint (3 colors of your choosing)
paint brush
plastic palette or plate with dividers
picture frame
scrapbook paper for matte border
glue or double sided tape

The process:
1. Print out digital image from Persimmons Studio on standard letter size copy paper. Trim edges if necessary.
2. Pick three colors of acrylic craft paint in contrasting colors.
3. Mix water and paint to a very translucent consistency. I recommend having a scrap sheet to test the water's dilution.
4. I started by painting the edges and the background. I didn't worry about bleeding over the lines. I tried to make the outer edges darker than the middle to create the illusion of depth. Then swiped some stripes over the top of the background color. All of this was done using the same color.
5. Next I painted a few accent in the watercolor red, then the letters in a blue.
6. Once finished I laid a few heavy books on top of the image to prevent the paper from becoming wavy from the moisture. It doesn't take very long to dry.
7. Once dry I used double sided tape to affix the "be brave" image to the scrapbook paper to simulate a matte border. Placed in frame and hung on the wall.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunshine and Coffee with Leah!

We asked you to do some projects with our downloads and a few brave souls dug in and really made some phenomenal projects. One of those wonderful ladies was my friend Leah. Isn't she adorable? Her necklace was a project with a download too but we will share that one a little later! For this project she chose the Sunshine and Coffee print and wait until you see the results! Look for tutorials and project ideas from our customers every week. Oh and if you want to make this easy and fun  project the link to buy the print is at the end of this post!

My name is Leah Norem and I am a stay at home mom to two boys ages eleven and six.  They are wonderful and unique, and I adore them. They make my life exciting and never leave a dull moment.  We also have four cats.
I haven’t met a hobby that I didn’t like.  I love making things with my hands and enjoy the process as much as the finished product.
You can find more about Leah here.....


Project 1 - **painted Sunshine and Coffee sign**

Sunshine and Coffee digital download
wood board
Sunshine and Coffee image printed on plain paper with toner

gel medium (Golden)

acrylic paint/brushes

oil based marker (Sharpie)

jute twine cord (Bevis Rope)


I primed a wood board with gesso in the area I wanted the image.

With a toner based printer, I printed a copy of the Sunshine and Coffee digital image on plain paper.

Since the image has words on it, I had to mirror the image before printing. 

I spread gel medium on the image and applied it to the prepared board. 

Once it dried for a few hours, I held the image under running water and rubbed the paper off and allowed the wood to dry. 

I used acrylic paint to paint the image and an oil based marker to outline the words and images. 

After the paint was dry, I trimmed the wood board to the size I wanted with a circular saw, drilled some holes, and used twine cord to hang it.
YAY!!!! Go Leah! WE love this project so much!
You can purchase Sunshine and Coffee from our shop HERE!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The blog is going to be going through a few changes soon. Like less Kim rants and more projects and fun Persimmons Studio stuff! If you think ... wow I will really miss the Kim rants ... no worries I will keep them going on my new blog HERE.

If you know me you know I looooove giving things away. This month I created a coloring page that can double as a worksheet. So teachers, you can print these off and have your kids figure out ways to show more love and compassion by filling in the space at the bottom! I see this one hanging in classrooms all across the world. :)

Friday is the BIG LAUNCH of the new Persimmons Studio online digital download shop. We are starting with almost 40 fun black and white images just screaming to be made into something colorful and unique! A few people rose to the challenge I put out there and have created some totally amazing projects with the downloads already and we will share those with you starting next week! While the free image challenge is no longer available you are encouraged to share whatever projects you make with the images you purchase! The more we share and encourage each other the better and better we can all grow together! It's kind of exciting isn't it?

So get ready for Friday but in the meantime feel free to print off this months free download. Oh and don't just color it .... live it! We all need more love :)


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Crafting Evolution

As I write my first Tuesday post, I feel like an introduction to my experiences as a crafter is necessary. From an early age, I had this desire to create or build something, but I couldn't define it. Once I tried to make a sculpture out of odds and ends in the garage. All I remember was a board, hammer, nails, a golf tee, and the distinct sense of failure. There were other attempts to build or create things, but they too ended in failure.

A view of Kelly's craft room
My hands couldn't re-produce what my mind could see. So, I gradually began trying to quell the creative urges with no fail crafts like cross-stitch, quilting, and scrap-booking. I had learned to sew at a young age, but I became bored with anything other than straight line, so quilts and curtains were my limit.

Exploring new crafts to try was expensive as well. Today, I am a serious thrift-store shopper, but back in those days my values were a bit different and leaned pretty far towards...dare I say...materialistic. Shopping was and is my weakness, but when you have expensive tastes, it is a recipe for disaster. I tried and tried to quit spending money, but it was so hard. The thrill that came from walking out of the store with all those new beautiful things was exhilarating. My first attempt to reduce spending was to only shop the clearance racks, but I was still spending too much money. That is when I decided to compromise with my addiction, and restrict myself to spending no more that $2 on a single piece of clothing, and no more than $5 on any one item. This actually worked for me, as my choices for shopping were now reduced to thrift-stores and rummage sales. Every object that I needed or wanted had to be painstakingly sought, and I flourished under my own self-imposed spending restrictions. I enjoyed the challenge and was pleased that I was able to drastically reduce my spending. It did nothing to decrease my hoarding tendencies, but I digress.

So as my values regarding my purchases and lifestyle changed - this seriously affected my crafting choices and projects. I was looking for ways to save money, but also express my creativity. The financial hardships that I and many other people experienced in the last dozen years or so are likely the cause and surge in popularity of recycling, reusing, and DIY. But enough about how economics can influence and alter cultural norms. The truth is the truth...I am a nerdy thrifty crafter. Arts and crafts should be enjoyed by all. And although a fair number of self-described non-artists have been spreading a rumor that artistic talent is a gift you are only born with, I protest! Artistic talent is also a learned process. This is the main reason I am so excited about Persimmons Studio!

Given the opportunity...everyone can develop the skills needed to express their creativity, so we can all make our hands do what our minds can see.