Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let's do this!

Calling all warriors of love. Let's lift each other and elevate and encourage the greatness that is this life. Together we can defeat fear and hate. People will tell us we are dreamers and that our world is too broken but love anyway! Especially love the ones who tell you those things! They need it more than us lovers do. They need to realize their core need for love is to be shared not stifled. Each opposition is a chance to push the agenda of love. Each example of hate is a chance to prove love wins. Take on that fight. Heal this world through your love and your light and your example. 

Please enjoy this image FREELY. Print it...color it...blow it up so big no one can miss it....share it on social media....just use it to remind others that we have superpowers that no amount of hate and fear can keep down! 

So much love to you....Xoxoxoxo Kim 

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