Friday, September 16, 2016

Michaels Makers Summit

I was one of the lucky 50 out of thousands of entries to win a spot at the Michaels Makers Summit at the Carmel Valley Ranch. When I won I thought oh no big deal ... until I got there.
Come on! The venue was simply amazing. Breathtaking views at every turn of the 500 acre ranch. Truly a level of opulence I have never ever come close to experiencing.
Our first dinner was like everything else .... amazing. .... (I'm gonna say that world a lot)
cricket cut all of those beautiful placemats out of canvas. They were so beautiful with the natural colored tablecloths.
Sarah Michelle Gellar even joined us for dinner!
I also got to meet and take a little watercolor class with the world famous Jane Davenport! She's as talented as she is adorable!
Our second night dinner was in the Vineyard and was visually stunning and for me totally comfortable and relaxing. Some people had trouble with the logistics of it but overall it was completely amazing...there I go again. The menu was almost too good to be real. It was family style and just round after round after round of high quality immaculately prepared dishes.
And relaxing lounge areas to enjoy wine and conversation. 

My last day was spent just relaxing with my new friends enjoying the view while creating.
I formed some lifelong relationships, learned so much from the teachers and attendees and look forward to continuing to get to know these incredible humans! 

A HUGE thank you to Michaels and the team that made this all happen. I will never forget this experience and will forever be grateful for the opportunity that guessed it.....AMAZING!!!!! 

Much Love....Kim 


Janis Sigmund said...

Wow, Kim!! What an amazing experience for someone so very deserving!! You are an inspiration to all of us wannabe artists!! So happy for you!!

Unknown said...

Fun pics. And yes it was Amazing 😍