Sunday, May 20, 2007

My favorite little girl in the whole wide world!

A silly picture of my little sweetie.
I have really been enjoying her lately. I think 2 is so much fun.
I will not be able to post new pictures for a little while now because I don't have a camera that works with the computer so the picture a day will have to wait for just a short time. Hopefully we will get a new camera very soon! My husband really wants the Canon SLR? I just want a camera that I can use with the computer so I let him take care of the research and buying.
The Art Tour this weekend went really well. Doug Musial came and did some glass demos in the backyard and my friend Jo came and painted one of the chairs she will be donating for the chair auction. There were a lot of new customers that I have never met before so that is always good. A few people said they just never knew what was in the store so they never stopped in. That sparked a conversation between Glenn (my love) and I over a little fire and wine last night that resulted in a great new slogan for Manitowoc....
Don't be afraid to explore, you'll find we have so much more than the nation's largest kitchen store.
If you live here you will get it and for those of you who don't we just had our anchor store close downtown and it was "the nations largest kitchen store". It was kind of the reason a lot of people stopped in town before and now they are exploring the rest of the shops and finding out that we have a nice selection of fun little unique shops here.


made in lowell said...

Wish I could visit your shop and your town, they sound great! And your little one is adorable! Great to hear you are enjoying her at two.


Steph said...

Oh what a cutie! 2 is so fun - and it just gets more and more fun!