Monday, June 25, 2007

Lost Banana.

I found this on the sidewalk this morning. It has been on the telephone pole for some time now but someone finally tore it down. I cracked up every single time I walked by it so decided I am keeping it. I hope the banana was found seeing as it was a very loved family heirloom.

I did score some good stuff this am at St Vinnies. I got a scrabble game which is always a good thing. I also got an old lady type cart to carry junk in when I walk. You know what I'm talking about the cart you pull along with wheels. I love it.


Amanda said...

awwww, cute! i would suggest blanking out at least part of the phone number, though... there are all kinds of kooks out there! :)

Persimmons Gal said...

good point amanda didn't think of it. I blurred it up now.

ally said...

That's so funny! It made me smile. I hope no ones holding the banana hostage! lol:)