Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stay away = productive day.

So besides a little lunch break yesterday I pretty much stayed away from my computer. I was feeling a little guilty because I wasted all of Tuesday away chatting on etsy. Well I don't think it was a waste but still I felt guilty. So yesterday I busted my butt and got 7 altered chalkboards, 18 fishing lure cards, and a few bauble pendants done. I feel real good about that. Maybe that should teach me to stay off the computer more often. Yeah fat chance.


Artsy Momma said...

I just found your blog by sheer luck! I grew up near Manitowoc (Valders) and I am going home this weekend and I thought I could stop by your store! Could you email me your hours?


jin said...

OH! LOVE the chalkboards!!!

I'm a complete nightowl...but one of these days I need to reverse my hours, sneak away from my shoppe & come check out your place!