Monday, July 30, 2007

Good fabric and a suprise in a book.

I had a great breakfast this morning with my friend Kate. We talked about life and Sputnikfest. It was a good time. Thank God she called me this morning to remind me or poor Kate would have ate by herself! I think the weekend killed a few of my braincells and I totally spaced on it.

Got done in time to make a quick run to the old St Vinnie's and found some great books. One of them even had an old Easter postcard in it from the 40's. Love it when that happens. I got a great plastic necklace, some fiddle playing squirrels, some old kids books and 3 things of fantastic vintage fabric. One of them is this teal with black flowers and the flowers are fuzzy raised and the other in the picture on the right is again a great teal color but has stenciled mums in gold. I love old fabric. I am thinking I am going to put some books and fabric on etsy soon and see how they go there. I sell it okay in the store but so many crafty people are on etsy it would be great to see the stuff go to people who will use it to make something fabulous with.


Xanthe said...

Are the squirrels for sale!!!! :-D
I had fun on Sat. too. Though I forgot to take a pic of my chair. :-(

Persimmons Gal said...

They will be. I laughed when I saw them and thought of you. I took a picture I can email it to you!

Marissa Buschow said...

I once bought an old book with a love note to a man's wife in it. so sweet! and you could tell he was old when he wrote it, too, it had that shaky old-man handwriting.