Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lots of cleaning still more to do.

So when I look at this on film I don't see much of a difference after about 6 hours of butt busting cleaning but 2 garbage bags later and a few cuts and bruises I can now see my floor.

I really really want to have one of those organization shows come and help me organize and paint put in a new floor. I really won't keep it organized but I just want the paint job and new floor and don't want to do it myself. I am still going to work on this today. Organizing my bins and going through all the stuff on the shelves. I did purge most of my fabric and it is in a heap in the store until I figure out how in the world I am going to put it out. I found some cool fabric hiding out on those

shelves. I also found my stamp carving tool that I have been looking for for so long it has made me crazy!

So in case you can't figure it out the top pic is before bottom after.


knitsteel said...

It looks a lot better. Are you selling your de-stash stuff? You've got enough there to keep your busy for a year!

Persimmons Gal said...

I am selling it in the store. I have been doing even more cleaning today and decided I am going to be putting together little bags of ridiculous stuff. How does one girl get this much stuff and think it is okay? Oh well.

LadyK said...

Wow, kudos to you for you being brave enough to post before and after pics. Especially the "before". lol I haven't been that brave as yet, but I will say that your before and my before look almost like they were taken in the same shop.

Congrats and have a great day!