Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moving Forward.

So this beautiful little girl is what life is all about. Today we are taking a family day. I am closing the store and Glenn took a day of vacation and we are off to the Milwaukee Zoo! It will be lots of fun and I understand we will get to pet sting rays. I am super duper excited about that! It will be a good day.

It has been getting really busy in the store lately and I have been busy making things and taking care of the Chairs for Charity and Sputnikfest stuff so my posts may be a little sporadic but don't worry I will still try to post at least a picture or a small update at least every other day. I just really need to move forward right now and get down to business. I am really contemplating a small change in the direction of the store. I was walking yesterday and noticed Worldly Treasures is going out of business so maybe I can get a small quality selection of beads and have more beading classes and such. I do have the earring bar to kind of test out the interest and so far it has been great. Haven't really made a lot of earrings but it gets dialogue started about maybe carrying beads and most are interested. So we will see. I really like to teach and inspire others so I think a few more supplies seems only natural.

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Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Let us know how you get on at the Zoo - very jealous!