Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Ideas.

I wish I had a camera to take pictures of the new little notebooks I am making. I am taking vintage postcards from the 1920ish range and making little notebooks with them that I am selling for $5. I am really liking that little binding machine. I made some journals with the old hard Bingo cards and vintage game boards too. I have many ideas yet to come. Vacation was good for inspiration.

I also made a few collage sheets that I am selling at the store. I have so many customers ask about where I find my vintage images so I thought why not make a few pages of them and reproduce them so everyone can enjoy them? I made a couple of color ones with stamps from all over the world and a silly mix of things I threw together as well as the black and white people images. And hey if no one else thinks they are as cool as I do I guess I have lots of images to work with. I am selling the black and white ones for $1 a sheet and the color ones for $2 a sheet.

Oh yeah I had an etsy sale last night!!! A nice girl from the United Kingdom bought some of my vintage fabric. I like it when I have etsy sales because I spend whatever I make back on etsy so that means I have a little play money now. I really should buy a christmas present for someone but I won't.

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