Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hats hats hats.

So when Molly was sick I went on a hat making spree so I decided to list one on etsy. This is my beautiful model Nadia and she is wearing one of my free form crocheted hats that would be cool without the felt pin but you get that too! It is only $18. Pretty much all of my hats are $15-$20. It's cold outside you might as well look good keeping warm.
I also have a fun creepy window display with a bunch of heads with different hats so check that out if you are in the area. I got a bunch of scary heads at an estate sale a few weeks ago and just love them. They remind me of masks that bank robbers might wear.
Nadia here in the picture has been with me for about 7 years now. I got her back in Baraboo from St Vinnies and payed a whopping $30 for her. She was one of the very few items that moved with us when we moved back to Manitowoc. She is just a head and torso no arms. Molly sometimes talks to her and I think that is really cute.

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tina kugler said...

hey, $30 at vinnie's is like, what, $1000 in real life? she is worth it, though! cool hats too!