Friday, February 8, 2008

Hats hats hats

Once I get started making hats I can't stop. I have quite the surplus of them right now and decided to use the backdrop of freshly fallen snow to take some shots of my creepy head wearing a few of them to list in the etsy shop. January is pretty slow in the brick and mortar so etsy can get a lot more attention.
Today I am going to list more of my ephemera packs. I've been digging in the studio finding all kinds of stuff I didn't even remember I had.
I've had a bad week. I had a flat tire, ran into my friends Jim Dolans shed (and destroyed it), broke the cupboard door, and gave up caffeine. Here's to Friday!


tina kugler said...

looks like you picked the wrong week to quit coffee! btw, i have started driving again, so it's probably best you stay inside anyway. yipes!

Kate said...

Eesh. Giving up caffiene is rough, not to mention your other woes. I feel for you.