Monday, May 5, 2008

Ahhhhh vacation.

I am so relaxed and rejuvenated! We got to Minocqua at about 5pm and our friends who have the cabin didn't get there until 9ish so we did something we never ever do...we sat in a tavern (I say tavern because up there it just seems like the right word) for 4 hours! We had a blast. The first pic is Cletus (really Dane) from The Black Bear Bar (11045 Hwy 70 West, Minocqua WI). Dane is a real character. By the time our friends came we were a little loopy (see that glazed over look in the picture?) It's the kind of place that you instantly feel at home.
Saturday was super relaxing. We spent the day antique shopping. The first mall was the best one. It was Ages Past Antique Mall, 8714 Hwy 47 S, Minocqua. It was so super neat and clean and pretty decent prices. The owner was a hoot too. He tried to sell me a taxidermy drunk frog. I passed but it was a hard thing to pass up. We also went to The Mill on the same Hwy and another mall in town. The Mill was good but junky and I think if the place is that junky the prices should reflect that. I did get a few great postcards. The one in town was good but the women working weren't exactly friendly. We went to lunch at the Minocqua Brewing Co. It was soooo good. I had a pulled pork and gouda open face sandwich with sweet potato fries and the best iced tea I have ever had. Glenn had a good beef and brie sandwich that looked pretty tasty too. I was too full to try it. After that we went back to the cabin and just acted lazy. The guys put the pier in and I took a 2 HOUR NAP!!!! Yes a NAP! Oh was it great. We had soup and sandwiches for super and sat around talked and watched movies. I was reminded what stars look like that night and I liked it. I tried to take a picture but of course it didn't work. It was so dark there so those stars were so bright it almost hurt to look at them. I went in because I couldn't stop looking at them and it made me dizzy. The loons were serenading us the whole time too.
Sunday I was still having fun but missing Molly something awful so we didn't do too much because I wanted to get home to her. It was so nice to see her and how totally excited she was to see us. She had a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Geiser but like me I think ready to go home. She fell asleep on the way home so I didn't even get to play with her so I just snuggled a little on the couch with her and put her to bed. Next time she is coming with us.


David said...

That's why they call this land up there "God's country"...because you feel like it's the kind of place God digs hanging out in too. Cleanses the soul it does.

Kate said...

Sounds like such a nice time! I'm glad you had a chance to get away. you deserve it!

tina kugler said...

i totally want that bear. (sleep tight, kids!) not that i support the killin' & whatnot, but seriously if we ever run over anything significant i am totally getting it stuffed.
glad you had a good time!

Banana-head Pancake said...

that sounds so wonderful and looks like a load of fun - I'm happy that you found time to relax & enjoy. Sometimes I don't think people remember to do such things ... the world might be a sweeter place if we did.
Ah, the hopeful, wishful, idealist cheese-ball in me just came out.

David said...

Kim and I both judge you to be totally soused in that picture!