Thursday, May 15, 2008

A DIY direction

I love making stuff...and for those of you who know me you know I love showing people how to make things too. I personally think every single person out there is creative and can create beautiful things if you just sit down and give it a try. Now don't get me wrong I think I may be a tad more creative than many but I think I could encourage almost anyone to give crafting a try and actually enjoy not only the process but the finishing product too. Realizing this has really made me start to think about everything and how I can really incorporate that in my store and artistic life. I have been really focusing on fun vintage ephemera and other little supplies to share with other creative types. In the store you are going to find much more silly little stuff like rusty old keys, odd coins, old stamps, and funky vintage fabrics. The fun thing isn't that I am just making all of this fun stuff available but that I am also willing to share with you fun techniques and ideas on how you can use this stuff too! For example I have a pretty nice stash of old slides. The slides are just coll by themselves but the normal person may not understand why someone would buy them ... but then when you see them used in a piece of art you see the possibility and hopefully it opens your mind to other things you can do with that simple little supply.
One of my favorite things to make is soldered pendants. While I really am not inclined to teach people something like soldering I love to let them know they can create a similar thing themselves with the memory glass frames and glass. (see the picture above) I will be selling these little metals frames individually so you can get one for $1.75 or 3 for $5. I am also selling the glass individually for .25 each so for only $2.25 you can have the supplies to make a pendant of your very own! How fun is that? Now again I know some people have no desire to be creative and that is fine too. I will always make the soldered ones for you.
So come in and see this new direction and tell me what you think.
Oh and don't forget about the ART and ABOUT Spring ARt Tour this weekend! It kicks off with a reception at Full Circle Products studio Friday 6-9 and then the big demo and tour day is Saturday 10-4. You will get to take this free self guided tour at your own leisure and see artist demonstrations, tour studios, and maybe even win some free art. Hope to see you there!


kick chick said...

when i grow up i want to be kim! the blog looks great! I received your snail mail today and it was the highlight of bathtime; Victor only wanted to dump water on his sisters head!

love you and your store!
here's to continued success! and my ability to blog as well as you!

BumbleVee said...

wish I lived close enough for lessons on a few things.....