Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Loves of my life.

I am one of those really lucky girls who found the love of my life pretty early on. Glenn and I met in 1991 and started really dating in 1992. He was in college 4 hours away for the first 4 years of our relationship. I think spending all that time on the phone (the bills... the bills) really allowed us to get to know each other way better than being with each other and just making out all the time.

He asked me to marry him one day an hour before I had to work. He was so excited to ask me that he just couldn't wait until a more convenient time. When he picked me up he wanted to go to a nice lunch place and I kind of yelled at him and said Glenn I have to work why would we go anywhere to sit down. Well we went to McDonald's and he asked me in the parking lot on the way in. I don't think we even ended up eating. I knew I was going to marry him but he totally shocked me as a poor college student buying me a beautiful diamond. He cashed in a couple of savings bonds he had to buy it for me. Man I love him.

Well we were engaged for about 2.5 years and got married on August 16, 1997. I am grateful every single day (even though I don't always act like it) that I found someone who I love so much it makes me crazy (not to mention he is a major hottie). Also check out that beautiful little girl we made together. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Happy Anniversary Glenn...I love you always and forever.


Denise said...

Happy Anniversary Lucky Woman!

Kathy said...

Oh so sweet, so nice that you shared that with your blog readers. I see it as your both lucky! And sweet little Molly!
Heres to many, many more!!!!

David said...

He is a hottie! Especially when he wears that sexy yellow Stumpjack T-shirt...yowza!

kg said...

That is way too sweet! You two are so good together. Happy Anniversary!

Kate said...

By far one of the sweetest things I've ever read. Happy Anniversary to you and your hottie hubby.

beth said...

What a truly sweet post.

Our 3rd anniversary is in 3 weeks and my hubby's bday is in a few days. You have inspired me to do a special entry for his well as making him his favorite carrot ginger cupcakes !

Happy Anniversary to is good.