Thursday, September 18, 2008

Changes ahead

There are changes coming soon. I am not quite sure how what or when but I have made some decisions lately that will make the store a little different than what it has been. I had so much fun with the Sputnikfest art fair and it was crazy how much I made in just one day. It really got me thinking about myself, my store, and my future. Nothing is going to be happening overnight and I will NOT be closing but hours may start to change.

Besides the things I mentioned above another thing that has been really changing my views lately is overall consumerism. I don't know if it is just because I tend to hang with the sustainability crowd or if I am just getting older and wiser but there is so much waste in this country. From the packaging that our food comes in to the disposability (is that even a word?) of our possessions. This is where the focus of the store comes in. In the past I have ordered from a few giftware companies and have really cut that down to just two now. One is a art/craft supply wholesaler and the other is the Smart Women Company. The rest of the store has always been a mix of local and regional art and craft, vintage and a few supplies. While I do think I will continue to carry both of those new products I really want to change the rest of the store to reflect my waste not view. I will be focusing mainly on artists and crafters who recycle objects to make their wares. Don't get me wrong there will still be glass from Kate Gadd and a handful of just cool crafters but the focus and attention will be on the fact that we are trying to do our little part to keep what we can out of landfills. I may not be able to save the world but I am hoping to make just a small impact.
I will also be developing a line of jewelry that I hope to market to other shops and galleries that will focus on using old beads and jewelry components. I already make them and sell them in the shop but will just focus on marketing them a little better.
We are planning a downtown fashion show on Wednesday October 29th at the Capital Civic Center and that will be the launch of the line. I will also be showing at the Holiday on the Lakeshore at Fox Hills Resort in Mishicot on November 14 and 15. I hope to see you at both of those events!
Sorry for the long and probably boring post but I needed to get that out. I hope all of my readers and shoppers can adapt to the changes ahead because it is you that have given me the confidence to move forward to my future me. Thank you.


geriann said...

life is change girl - and you gotta' do what's right for you and your family. you definitely need to get yourself out there into the world of shows - (just be picky about which ones you do! :) we'll have to get together sometime soon - besides - i can't wait to see my necklace :)

Maria said...

You are so incredibly awesome! If everyone does their little part, we won't be seeing those landfill mountains anymore.

Can't wait to see the new stuff you'll have.

Victoria said...

Great post! Good luck with the new direction!

Kathy said...

Good luck in whatever direction your little feet take you!
BTW, I love this collage...