Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Art Tour

Don't forget to get out this weekend and do the Fall Art Tour! This tour is going to be a good one. It kicks off with a reception at Petals Plus at 7014 Center Road in the outskirts of Manitowoc. We will have a pumpkin carving contest (weather permitting) live music, refreshments and lots of art chatter. It is sure to be a great time. Any questions visit our blog or give me a call at the store!
I will be closing early on Friday too so come to Petals Plus...not Persimmons tomorrow after 5:00pm.
Saturday you get to tour my studio! Yeah you get to see my organized chaos with your own two eyes. I am sure it is a sight you will not soon forget. You may even look at me in a totally different light knowing what my favorite space in all the world looks like???? I have a lot of stuff.

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sounds like a fun weekend !! have a great time :)