Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Fabric Motherload!!!!

I went to Vinnies the other day and I just about yelped. There was so much cool old fabric that I couldn't even fit it all in my cart. My friend Geri makes these totally incredible clothes from vintage fabric and it just happened to be all that kind. I bought like $60 worth of fabric...which is ridiculous because I already have an obscene amount...and she came and got a bunch of it. I cannot wait to see what she creates with all of it. You really do need to go to her etsy and give her some love. She is super cool. Oh hope you don't mind Geri but I used one of your pics in my post.

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geriann said...

of course i don't mind you dear sweet girl...and you are the bomb for scooping all that up for me. thanks for the props - if i was a better blogger i'd return the favor...maybe next year - hmmmm do i sense a resolution brewing.