Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have always been a doodler. Give me a pen and paper and I am doodling. Well it wasn't until I got the recent Art Journal by Somerset that I thought about making my doodles into a journal...and I think I am hooked. I just wanted to keep drawing last night. Not to mention the fact that I got a new pen that I am nuts about. I have a pen thing. I get easily attached to pens. This one is a PITT artist pen. I heard my friends talking about pitt pens in our little etsy thread but never thought of buying one until yesterday. It will be a staple in my art supply arsenal now.

I also got a prisma blending marker...how fun! You can do transfers with them by simply laying a toner based copy on your surface ink down and then going over the picture on the back with the blending marker. The solvents in the marker kind of break down the ink and transfer the image.

So if you see me at the coffee shop or sitting anywhere you will likely see me doodling in my new journal.


PCarriker said...

Love this!!! How fun is this page? Told ya you would get hooked:-) My journal goes everywhere with me. My purse has to be a certain size so it will hold my journal-lol. And Pitt Pens, love them, they are what started my whole 'Shades of Grey' thing.

Lucy said...

Love your enthusiasm Kim and your doodle journal looks so fun! I'm envious of your handwriting, I need to work on mine to make it fanciful :)

Enjoy your new journal!

Bev said...

Hi I love to doodle, but when I saw Pam Carriker's little video of her using her pitt pens I knew I had to have one...I did buy a couple and have been playing around with them...awesome aren't they??? Now I'm gonna take her next class....Oh I'm gonna be in heaven...you should come too!!!

Beth Jaffe said...

Love the doodling thing! I get addicted to pens, too. No Bics for me!