Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giving my blog some love.

I haven't posted much lately. Sorry. Life has been so hectic! Yesterday I slowed down and spent the day with Molly. We started by having coffee and huge frosted goodness cinnamon rolls at my friend Tina's new house. Molly had fun playing with the boys toys. Then we walked to St Vinnies and spent about an hour shopping. Our kind of shopping. Gotta love it when you can get 10 books for $1. Kids don't care that they are not brand spankin new... or at least mine doesn't. She had a blast going through the carwash for the first time in her 4 years. The car was so dirty I couldn't see out the windows so I thought it was time. We ran around all day bringing stuff to the consignment shop and grocery shopping for Glenn's birthday dinner. For his birthday I made him a card, Molly made him a sign and I cleaned all the junk out of the front hallway that we bagged up to bring to St Vinnie's months ago. It always drove him nuts so I figured that would be a better gift than more stuff. I was right. We had a yummy dinner of pecan crusted salmon, a yummy salad (I figured out a pretty close to that Delish Olive Garden Salad at home recipe) and some seasoned brown rice. For dessert cherry cheesecake. Yum yum yummy. It was a nice quiet day with the two I love most!


ArtSnark said...

Sounds like a well deserved & wonderful day!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

This piece is wonderful! I loved it when I saw it on Etsy and still do now seeing it again.