Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting my act together.

To some it may appear that I have my act together. I make a ton of stuff and put it out in the store and occasionally list it on etsy and sell it to other shops. But what everyone doesn't know is that for everything I do get out there are piles of things I make that I kind of just forget about and they end up in a little box in my studio which then end up in bigger boxes and kind of lost. Like the 3 typewriters I took apart about a year ago.
I've been going through some of those boxes lately in my never ending quest to organize (ha) or at least de-clutter just a little. I have been doing pretty good at discovering these lost treasures and putting them out in the store. One of the newest things I have been focusing on in the shop is my pendant bar. I love making pendants and make tons of them. Out of clay, old beads, new beads, wire wrapping stones from the beach and so on. I put all of them in great old cupcake tins and my customers can pick their necklace (a chain, ball chain, or lovely silk ribbon) and then pick one or more charms to wear on the necklace. The fun thing is you can layer them, add to them or completely change them all the time. Or if you make jewelry you can just buy the totally unique beads I make in your own this great little number below. It is just good fun. You can create a very unique personalized look for as little as $5!

So in that quest not only have I gotten a little further in my de-cluttering but I have come up with a fun new way to buy jewelry at Persimmons. Come on in and check out the necklace bar! Oh and for my online friends...if you ever see something on here that is not in my etsy let me know and I will create a listing just for you! Have a happy day.


beth said...

Love the pendant bar idea !

Rayann said...

I want to play at the pendant bar too what a great Idea I may borrow it LOl

ArtSnark said...

cool idea!

Persimmons Gal said...

Thanks girls it has been popular. I hope to keep adding to it and marketing the idea....if I can really get my act together!