Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I love when something comes back to me and gets me really really excited that I am an artist. That's what happened this week with a great book I bought some time ago called A Charming Exchange It is a crazy fantastic book with so many great techniques it makes me crazy. My head was just spinning as I re-read this fantastic and inspirational book. I have spent the last two days in the studio taping and soldering and stamping metal. It has been fun and here is some of the outcome. A few soldered pendants, some great little beach glass pendants, and a copper bracelet that I am keeping for me! It has been really fun....maybe I need to revisit more of my art books!


geriann said...

love those beach glass pendants and of course those textile pendants are mother-in-law wants to come shopping for a necklace...I get soooo many compliments on the ones you've given me - next time I see you remind me to get some business cards to pass out...hope to see you soon!

CreativeFlutter said...

You've got me so excited to get my book!!!!!! Can't wait to play. Those all turned out great!

ArtSnark said...

You are always so prolific! I am impressed yet again

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Cute charms!