Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

This year has been such a great year for me, my family and my artistic growth. I have been blessed to not only meet and become friends with so many talented artists online but right in my own community as well.
I enjoyed the honor of being published about a half a dozen times this year in some of my favorite magazines like Somerset Studio and Bead Unique. I have also enjoyed teaching at art nights at Persimmons, at Assemblage Studio in DePere and a couple of classes at the Rahr West Museum. Selling my work on consignment and wholesale to fabulous little stores like Anthology in Madison, Weathered Goods in Green Bay, The French Flea in Neenah and Something Fishy in Egg Harbor have also been very rewarding.
All of these wonderful experiences have lead me to a transformation that I knew would one day come. I started the redo of my shop into my open studio/classroom space a couple of weeks before Christmas and officially ended my retail space on Christmas Eve. While I will still open up when I can my hours will no longer be regular or posted. I will be working on my strengthening my online presence, wholesale accounts, getting published (fingers crossed) and teaching more both at Persimmons and elsewhere.
I just feel like it is time for me to be an artist and really let that take me where it will. The store is fun but being tied down 60+ hours a week can really drain the creativity and family time and I am ready.
Fortunately I am blessed with an incredible building that allows me to do so thanks to my fabulous husband Glenn. Without his constant love and support of me and my craziness I would never ever be where I am today. Not many husbands would put up with the hoarding that has made the organizing of my new space take weeks and maybe even months. I love him.
So to all of you looking to make some changes in the upcoming year I wish you much success! Follow those big big dreams with confidence and they will come true!


Tweetybirds said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kim and good luck on your new adventure. I know you'll be a success!

ArtSnark said...

I am so excited for you!! Love this piece too! Best wishes for a very Happy 2010!

vintagepix said...

Happy New Year! Even if I don't always comment, I've enjoyed seeing your new art projects on Facebook and ONE OF THESE DAYS, I'll make it up to Manitowoc to see your store!
Carolyn B

risa said...

Happy New Year! And best of luck on your new ventures...I know you will do well!


Kim, it sounds wishes to you, sister :)

beth said...

congratulations. I feel I found you at just that perfect time . I am teetering on that edge of where you were and it is so inspiring to see someone truly live it. I am so happy for your happiness.
Cheers and see you soon !