Monday, March 29, 2010

Furniture love.

So on our recent trip to the Dells we stopped at Delaney's and got these great tables that can go from regular desk height to standing height with a simple crank. Mine has two shelves above (Glenn is working on stripping the paint off the other one right now so it isn't pictured). Also on the left side of the table is my new bin thingie that has 12 red bins that I am keeping different tools for jewelry, soldering, and metalwork in. After I finally got everything in place ... oh it was a mess bringing something this large into the studio .... I sat down and made a few things and realized I was in love. In love with furniture. Really it was that same squishy happy overwhelmingly elated feeling of being with someone you never want to be without. I know it ain't right but I never claimed to be normal. By the way the cost for this love was only $50 for the table ($600+ value new) and $27 for the bin thing. Yeah you need to go to Delaney's.


ArtSnark said...

very cool. Wanted to wish you a happy Easter

gilstrapdesigns said...

That's really nice I have seriously got to get my studio/dinning room (we never eat in it anyways)together it's time for a good cleaning and reorganizing.