Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy busy busy

Almost a month since my last post! That is just crazy to me. Where did that month go? Well I can tell you I spent it making lots of new fun stuff, rearranging (again), spending good times with family and just overall enjoying life.
Except for the swimming pool that we got the day it rained 4 inches. Yeah not good. But all my plants survived and now are thriving in the heat.
Worked on some fun new soldered pendants using vintage jewelry. If I am going to keep buying all the vintage goodies I seem to hoard I best start using them and I like how these turned out.

Well and anyone who knows me knows I have entirely way too many game pieces. Not sure why this picture is sideways but you get it.

Then when I feeling punny one day I whipped out 14 little pun paintings. I really get great joy out of making these little pictures. How many people can say that things they do make them laugh out loud while alone? I can. I honestly love my job.

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Memyi said...

Kim your backyard looks very inviting. Love your colorful and representative of you. I visit frequently in addition to always seeing what you are up to on're an inspiration. All the best!