Saturday, January 15, 2011

A fun project for you!

I am a pretty severe bead hoarder. I have hundreds of thousands of the sparkly colorful little buggers. While my stash is mostly organized in neat little compartments I also have 3 rather large bins of was has come to be known in the bead world as bead soup. You know what I mean the last couple of beads and findings that are on your table until you can no longer take it and you just swipe them all in the bin. Before you know it there is an entire bin full! Well when I look at it and think of sorting all I can think is ARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH but when I look at it without those darn organizing eyes all I can think is OHhhhh ahhhhh. The colors! The textures! The shapes. Yummy. So I started making these bracelets. Created with all of the orphans and forgotten treasures, giving new life to the bead soup! Being a color addict not only do I love making them I love wearing them! I am hoping to go around the country this year to teach everyone to look at their disorganized beads in a new light. Hopefully a couple of people will even get inspired to create right now! That would make me happy. Hey if you create an orphan bead piece of jewelry put a link in the comments! I would love to see it. Happy Beading!


ArtSnark said...

cool piece & excellent idea!

risa said...

Very cool. And inspiring!

Stacey Kay said...

Very cute! You should do a giveaway!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

Runway Inspiration: Nicole Miller


gorgeous jewelry...colorful and happy, just like you :) said...

Wonderful talent!
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L work :]