Friday, April 1, 2011

Inspire My Life!

What started as a devious plot to get my artsy friends to come join me for my birthday weekend has turned into a pretty awesome retreat! I am so excited for my birthday this year and that I will get to spend it with friends from all over the country who are coming to teach amazing workshops and create new bonds through art. You can visit the blog for more information on the teachers and classes right HERE

It was important to me being a starving artist that I keep the prices of the workshops really low and offer them in an a la carte fashion. That way if friends come from afar and need to allow money for travel they can still afford to take as many or as few classes as their pocketbooks allow. Our little town is also super affordable so accommodations are plentiful and range from $60-$200 a night and are all within walking distance of the studio! If you come with a friend you can stay for as little as $30 a night! Craziness. If you are thinking of coming from a far and need a roommate just let me know and I can set you up!

Not only is this 3 day weekend full of great art opportunities it is also a great weekend to just relax and open up your creativity. We will be meeting for morning coffee and arting and also after hours stargazing and campfires in the beautiful backyard garden. It will be a time to just talk, form new friendships and just laugh. To participate in any of the extra activities all you have to do is take just one class! How fun is that?

So register need to pay right away or if you want to work out a payment plan that is cool and you can just email me at All the instructions are on the blog along with an area info page with all the yummy restaurants, great attractions and lodging.

Oh and being right on (well 2 blocks from) Lake Michigan in July is usually a pretty kick butt place to be. See you in July!

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Good luck! Sending positive energy your way :]