Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Day Wisconsin Christmas Crafts!

My pal the fantastic Rachel Manek from Good Day Wisconsin spent a little time in my studio this week and we put together a couple of segments with some fun crafting ideas for Christmas. One segment I give viewers some great and very simple and of course CHEAP ideas for making fun garlands. The pom pom garland shown in the picture above is one of them. It is so simple all you need is strong thread (embroidery floss or thicker) a needle and craft pom poms. You just string the needle through the center of the pom pom and keep going until you have a long string to decorate your tree, mantel or staircase for a fun Suessesque decoration. The kids will have fun helping too! I also showed a pipe cleaner loop garland and a granny square garland which I think is the most fun. Of course if you don't crochet it could be difficult but as a gift to yourself this holiday spend some time with someone who knows how to crochet and learn! So go to the website for Fox 11 and Good Day Wisconsin and check out the video if you miss the airing on Thursday!