Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aw Yeah.

There has been a lot of chatter on Facebook recently about an article that was in PLUS model magazine about plus sized models and regular size 0 models. The article included a photo of two the standard size zero and one a "plus sized" model who was a size 12. The article went on to talk about the average woman in the US being a size 14 and still "plus sized" models are still usually only size 6 to 12. Now that is absurd to me. There is no way anyone who is a size 6 should be considered plus sized but then again the bigger part of me thinks who cares anyway. Who cares what the fashion industry says, who cares what the bitchy perfect snob says, who cares what the bully at school says...who cares. The minute you feel the need to defend everything in your life and justify anything including your weight to anyone ... is the minute you surrender yourself to living the life you deserve to live. Let's all just stop trying to be pretty and start trying to just be PRETTY AWESOME!


ArtSnark said...

loving the signage - are you adding color? And the model thing - So many former models write about the lifestyle choices they made to stay thin, often harmful or addictive. Makes you think

JRock said...

I think you are amazingly beautiful Kim. You shine!