Monday, July 30, 2012


So I have been teasing my facebook friends (are you my facebook friend?) with a little future teaser the last week or so and here it goes......
 I am opening Persimmons Studio back up!

After almost 2 years closed I have done shows, consignment in some really awesome galleries like The Flying Pig, spent more time with my Molly, taught at a national retreat, started a stamp line with Market Street Stamps and been published a few times in great magazines like Bead Design Studio and Belle Armoire. Sounds like a lot when I write it down but if I am being real honest with myself and everyone else it has been a very unproductive 2 years by my standards. While the freedom of regular hours has been wonderful, it has also been an excuse to not spend time creating in the studio. You know that 6 hour straight create til you can't move your paint covered fingers kind of studio time. I miss it. I miss it a lot. Also there's that 4 letter M word...ok 5 letters but MONEY. I need some. :) Compliments are fantastic but they don't buy more art supplies and I am running low on a few things. So starting in mid August I will be open Wednesday Thursday and Friday ... Noon to 6:00 and Saturdays 10:00 to 2:00. Monday and Tuesday will be by chance or appointment and Sundays...NEVER (family day period) :)
The studio will have a much lighter vibe than it did before with a focus on uplifting and inspiring art and very hand selected vintage with a fun retro vibe. Classes will be available for groups or individuals and there will always be open studio so you can bring your work and create here or use my public supplies for a studio fee of only $5 an hour! All classes taught by me will cost $10 an hour with most classes lasting 3 hours or more plus a supply list or kit fee. So super affordable and super fun! Group rates also available for 6 or more people.

Most of all it is going to be fun, fresh and inspiring! So stay tuned for more information and classes and ...... ?????

Have a super day Awesome Girl or Boy.


the messy nest said...

YAY - that is super fabulous news!!! Congratulations Kim - I know you will TOTALLY knock this ball out of the ballpark.

Linda said...

Good for you! you are such an awesome artist and inspiring gal! I hope to be able to take a class every now & then.

blueskyartist said...

Awesome! Congrats!

Rena said...

I am so happy for you Kim.....I hope someday I am over that way, and can stop in to your lovely Persimmon's studio!!! Here's to lots of business coming your way Kim, I wish you much success!! xxx R

Tami said...

That's so exciting, Kim!!! I would love to visit some day when in the area :) Good luck to you and enjoy your new adventures!