Friday, January 9, 2015


Ahhhh a fresh new year.
It is time to renew, refresh, simplify and go forward!
2014 was pretty great. Lots of fun opportunities and learning experiences. One of the biggest was starting a business with my partner Kelly Lee. Persimmons Studio was a fun experiment. The idea was big and awesome but for both Kelly and I the time was maybe not right and we both recognize that and decided to cut our losses and move on individually. So to start out new I want to thank Kelly for her hard work and for believing in me. I learned so much and for that I will be always grateful.
But now to the hard part. The work of figuring out what my next step will be and where I want to focus my attention. So I am updating my social network sites and I even joined instagram...I know I was reluctant to start yet another thing that I know I will get addicted to but it is really fun. I have also been playing with surface design, I have set up a meeting with a friend to teach me how to use photoshop and illustrator and I am ready! Ready for what I am not sure but I know that it will be good.
So 2015....get ready for me. I am going to do fun things.
Thanks for following my journey. xoxo

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