Sunday, July 12, 2015

Messy life

My life is not a carefully curated photo series. It's nails are chewed to stubs, my feet are very dirty and unkept, my hair is a mess, my face bears blemishes that I choose to not cover with makeup. I dress solely for comfort and personal joy and know nothing of what is currently the thing to wear. My kitchen is a disaster full of dishes on the counter both dirty and clean, a big ole bucket of scraps that should have been brought to the compost pile 2 days ago and the counters are cluttered with gadgets we use daily. There are toys, and shoes, and art supplies everywhere and if you venture upstairs there will be clothes on the floor of most of the rooms. 
See I'm too busy loving my life to care. Playing in the garden, relaxing in my hammock, creating works of art (or creative messes more often than not),walking our also messy puppy,wading in the kiddie pool, enjoying the sound of water falling in the pond, cooking kick ass meals, and weeding weeding weeding.  
So if you seek perfection I'm definitely not your girl. But if you think the idea of perfection is silly come on over let's be friends....especially if you like to do dishes. 😜

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