Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Passions 2017!

So here it is! All the things I'm passionate about! Well not all of them but many of them. I will feature lots of fun smile projects and maybe even video tutorials and tips on my blog surrounding the passion featured each month. I will even introduce you to some of my extremely talented friends who have mastered our shared passion, take you on field trips and host a studio day each month where 5 lucky friends can come create and learn first hand from me! 
I'm super excited to have a direction and plan and hope you join me on this fun journey! 
Happy Wednesday everyone! 
Xoxo Kim 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Studio Saturdays!

One of the things I learned from the Michaels Makers Summit is that I want to really buckle down and form a plan to get my work out there and that includes blogging consistently. I thought why not combine my love of teaching live with my blog and offer a monthly in studio session to just 5 people. The day long class will focus on projects that I feature each month....for example one month may be polymer clay. So that month on the blog I will feature projects, share tutorials, give tips and tricks on polymer clay and then for the live studio day you can come learn directly from me in a small intimate studio session. We will do live video during class so everyone can see the fun we are having and get everyone excited about the projects! The cost of the class will include all supplies and you will be included with pictures of your projects on my blog! How fun is that?!? 
I will put my project calendar out soon so watch this very blog for updates! 
And let me know your ideas and thoughts on what you want to learn! I want to share everything that's stuck in my crazy colorfilled mind! 
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Michaels Makers Summit

I was one of the lucky 50 out of thousands of entries to win a spot at the Michaels Makers Summit at the Carmel Valley Ranch. When I won I thought oh no big deal ... until I got there.
Come on! The venue was simply amazing. Breathtaking views at every turn of the 500 acre ranch. Truly a level of opulence I have never ever come close to experiencing.
Our first dinner was like everything else .... amazing. .... (I'm gonna say that world a lot)
cricket cut all of those beautiful placemats out of canvas. They were so beautiful with the natural colored tablecloths.
Sarah Michelle Gellar even joined us for dinner!
I also got to meet and take a little watercolor class with the world famous Jane Davenport! She's as talented as she is adorable!
Our second night dinner was in the Vineyard and was visually stunning and for me totally comfortable and relaxing. Some people had trouble with the logistics of it but overall it was completely amazing...there I go again. The menu was almost too good to be real. It was family style and just round after round after round of high quality immaculately prepared dishes.
And relaxing lounge areas to enjoy wine and conversation. 

My last day was spent just relaxing with my new friends enjoying the view while creating.
I formed some lifelong relationships, learned so much from the teachers and attendees and look forward to continuing to get to know these incredible humans! 

A HUGE thank you to Michaels and the team that made this all happen. I will never forget this experience and will forever be grateful for the opportunity that guessed it.....AMAZING!!!!! 

Much Love....Kim 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let's do this!

Calling all warriors of love. Let's lift each other and elevate and encourage the greatness that is this life. Together we can defeat fear and hate. People will tell us we are dreamers and that our world is too broken but love anyway! Especially love the ones who tell you those things! They need it more than us lovers do. They need to realize their core need for love is to be shared not stifled. Each opposition is a chance to push the agenda of love. Each example of hate is a chance to prove love wins. Take on that fight. Heal this world through your love and your light and your example. 

Please enjoy this image FREELY. Print it...color it...blow it up so big no one can miss it....share it on social media....just use it to remind others that we have superpowers that no amount of hate and fear can keep down! 

So much love to you....Xoxoxoxo Kim 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


A few weeks ago I came home to a shattered butter dish and 2 very guilty looking dogs. I like a funky butter dish so I was a little peeved when I stumbled upon my sassy puppies and broken funky dish. Since then we've been using a plate and I've been searching for my next great butter dish. 
Well yesterday I was at Goodwill and I spotted this plain white heavy duty beauty for just 3 bucks! I remembered I had some DecoArt paint markers for glass and though hmmmm I may be onto something here. I can create my very own butter dish!

So I washed the dish very well and then swabbed it with a little rubbing alcohol to get off any residue. The markers were so so juicy and easy to use! They were transparent but bright enough to not bother this usually opaque loving girl. I wrote the words out first, let them dry then decorated and filled in with some color! My husband always says everything is better with butter so it seemed perfect for this project! 

Once you finish drawing you let the ink set for 8 hours or more and then bake it in the oven according to the instructions on the side of the pen. Honestly this was so quick and easy I may just start breaking things left and right in the kitchen just so I can make new ones. I kid... but really it was fun. 

DecoArt makes such a great variety of wonderful products. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my ideas and projects using their many paints and other products!

Now to make supper...of course there will be butter involved.

Happy creating...
xoxo Kim