Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goofball at the River Lofts.

Feeling silly today. What I should be doing is paying bills but I find myself stuck in etsy again. That place is supposed to be a place to sell and make some money but if I can't make anything to sell because I'm always chatting I won't be making any dinero at all! I took this picture because a thread on the worst thing anyone ever said to you reminded me of the time in Chemistry class when Corey Deering told me I look like Rocky Dennis from the old movie MASK. At the time it devastated me but now it makes me laugh because come on. I always think all that tormenting I had growing up in junior high and high school made me strong and who I am today. So to all you kids out there getting picked on daily just remember you will have your day sooner than you think.

We took a tour of the new River Lofts that are being built on the river right up the street. It is in an old brick building right on the river and they have it completely gutted right now. It is going to be the coolest thing when it is done I cannot wait. Scott Kindness was the developer I met last night and he gave us the grand tour. He was a great guy who deserves a huge round of applause for investing in our community like he has. We are very fortunate he saw the potential here. I wish I had a bit more money so I could live there!


Twin Mommy in Manitowoc said...

Hmmm... Corey Deering. It's all a level playing field now (thank God!)and I think you have greener grass where you are playing. Teasing does have a way of doing that to your character. I have had my share, too.

David said...


btw...who is corey deering?