Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Little Red Rooster

I found this very cool mixing bowl thrifting. I love the little red rooster on both sides. I'm selling it for a measly $8 at Persimmons right now. That's one thing I don't know if I ever mentioned on my blog. I love to thrift shop and then pass the deals onto others. For me it's the thrill of the hunt more than making the big bucks. I get really excited to find these little usable treasures and know that someone will make popcorn and put it in this bowl and it isn't just thrown in the trash in some landfill. It is such a fun way to recycle. Most of the vintage stuff I sell in here is the $10 or less range. So if you are close and like old cheap stuff come and visit!


Missy said...

Oh I love that bowl!!!

Kim said...

I can ship!