Monday, July 16, 2007

Addicted to crocheting.

I haven't been a very good blogger this weekend. I didn't have a camera so I just didn't think I had anything worth posting without pictures. I went and stole my mom's camera again this morning so now I can blog again.
I have been making these crocheted necklaces this weekend and love how they turn out. This one is coral and turquoise which I think is a beautiful combo. I've been making them with all different stones. I am just doing them as a really long strand that you can wrap around your neck one two or three times and tie the ends. I love them.
It was a fun weekend. We went to Bay Beach this weekend which is a little kiddie amusement park in Green Bay. It sure is a whole lot smaller going as an adult. I remember going when I was little thinking it was the biggest most exciting place ever. Molly had a blast on all the cute little rides. I cried a little when we went on the first ride..the carousel..she got so excited when it started... her sheer joy of life and being there on that ride was so freaking beautiful. I love that child.
So off to do dreaded bookwork right now.

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