Monday, July 2, 2007

Short work week.

I am getting my blog post out of the way so I can really get some work done today. This short work week is going to be so fabulous! It does kind of screw up the whole week though.

I'm going tonight to get a couple of old showcases for only $50 each. My buddy Chris from Outside the Box in Sheboygan called me and said the bead store was selling them and I was happy. They are real nice old wood and glass cases that will be great for jewelry and other stuff. Of course this means I will have to completely dismantle the store but oh well.
This is a little guy in a jar I made and I think I'll work on a few more of them today. Fun little fairies to put in your cubicle or on a little shelf in your house. This guy is holding a cocktail umbrella and has a pet goose. He is happy.

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