Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chairs are on their way out!

So we had our Art and About meeting last night in my busy Heather's beautiful backyard. It was a little gathering but as always lots of fun. We mostly talked about the upcoming chair auction and things we need to do. A group of people are coming to pick up the chairs I have in my windows which is 29...and putting them in locations all around town next Monday. So we have almost 50 chairs now and lots of people working on them yet so hopefully we can reach our goal of 100 chairs. It is just so fun to see all the different chairs come in and all the creativity it takes to come up with these fantastic ideas. This beer cap stool was made by my mom and sister and the panda stool is the work of my very talented auntie Annie.


bencandance said...

Oh, I love the bottle cap stool!! Now I know what to do with all my bottle caps!

I saw an artist once that covered a chair with arms (like a king chair) in bottle caps but I never thought of a stool. Very cute. :)

Unknown said...

You have a very talented family. Love that bottle cap stool.

David said...

Bottlecaps were my life for a while...bottlecap frames, bottlecap fish, bottlecap guitars, bottlecap people, bottlecap everything...this little stool brings back memories of...well, you know...bottlecaps...many's the night where I was forced to sit there, all alone in my garage, drinking bottle after bottle, case after case, just to get those precious bottlecaps...yes, I suffered for my art, you bet I did...then that fateful day came...the day the bottlecap died and the plastic twist cap became king...everything changed after that...I lost my fire, lost my passion, lost my wife and kids, as I sank deeper and deeper into a pit of despair...PLASTIC TWIST CAPS!!! DAMN YOU MODERN CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY!!! DAMN YOU I SAY!!!