Friday, August 3, 2007

Funky shoes.

So I dropped off Molly this morning and decided it was a beautiful morning why not drive to Stumpjack for an iced mocha? The lake was stunning so blue. As I got closer I remembered it was Maxwell Street Days in Two Rivers. Not a real big deal to me seeing as I really don't shop at real stores too often. So I sat and talked with David for a bit drank my coffee and a peach smoothie that he whipped up for me on the house. I then decided to just walk up and down the street a ways to see what was out there when I saw these funky shoes at Schroeder's. They were on sale for $30...regular $65 so I thought that was enough of a bargain to buy them. I have a problem with my walking shoes that I owned before these..they gave me major blisters and for those of you who know me you know shoes are not my favorite thing to wear in the first place. I very rarely have them on at all. So these are perfect...lots of openness and super comfy. I stopped back to show David and he sent me for a pair for Kim. We will have to go for a walk together some night with our matching shoes. He thanked me for running to get them with a mocha. Needless to say I am coffeed out right now. But it was nice. Okay now I have to get to work. I have some ladies coming on Monday to get some science themed pendants and I can't let them down. Have a great weekend everyone!


Deana Mattos said...

Love, love those shoes. Could you go back and get me a pair? just kidding, no really. lol Hope these don't give you blisters. Your store looks so cute and fun. Would love to go thrift store shopping with you, it is so exciting, like treasure hunting. Nice blog. Happy summer.

valentine said...

Hi Kim,

I can't believe you bought those shoes. They are so cool that I thought you made them at first! What a fantastic find!

I was trying to find how to do the virtual tour of the upstairs of Persimmons--Help Me!

I love your blog. It is so inspirtaional. It is nice to have a little bit of art in a hectic, monotonous life, even if it is somebody elses. Kim I have known you for a long time--what a truly beautiful person you have become--keep living it!

Unknown said...

those are so kewl!!! I hope they end up being great walking shoes =o)

~Stella said...

I love those shoes!