Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hookie hookie hookie.

I totally played hookie today. It has been so freaking hot I just couldn't bear sitting in my 700 degree store for 8 hours. So mom dad Molly and I went to Plymouth and Sheboygan thrift shopping. Oh my did I score the great finds. I spent a total of about $150 but man did I get a lot of stuff. That Plymouth Vinnie's ROCKS! I got a really cute little bird cream pitcher there that was my favorite purchase of the day. Some of the other stand out buys are of course tons of old books and magazines, a Barbie prom game, and a potty chair for Molly. Yep it's about that time...oh joy. Anyhow I am melting so I am going to shower now. I will post pictures tomorrow of all my good loot. PS..sorry if you tried to shop today...I really needed a day off.


Vintage Indie said...

Sounds like fun! Where is Plymouth Vinnie's ?

Kim said...

It was too hot to pay attention to where we were going. I know it is behind McDonalds. Fun.

tina kugler said...

gasp! the barbie game from the '50s??? that was totally my favorite board game ever as a kid (it was my mom's i think). hence my warped sense of reality.