Monday, August 27, 2007

I am a total blogging slacker.

Sorry I have been kind of busy lately and needed to try and stay away from my computer so I can actually get something done! It is so easy to slack when I can chat. I opened an earring bar in the store. With the winter coming up I need to make room in the store for a couple of tables for art nights so I thought why not put out some beads and supplies and let people play...for $8 you can make a cool pair of earrings.

The Farmer's Market was on Saturday as it is every Saturday and Tuesday May - October. I love the market! We try to go every Saturday. This cute little family sells right near the playground area and they are the sweetest little kids. I happened to have my camera out when I saw the little one looking at me and snapped this great picture. They sell those incredible bouquets for only $5! We bought some really yummy cheese, apples, and a few eggrolls. Usually we go to breakfast at Newey's a local Thai restaurant but it has mysteriously closed with no real warning.

Yesterday we went to Green Bay to Artstreet. I love that art fair. They have a lot of the performing arts going on all over and a lot of art demos as well. It has been going on for over 20 years now and is really a with it event. There are food vendors with all different ethnic foods it is very hard to decide. A few of my friends had booths and said it was a great show. On our way out we watched a mime. Ok mimes are creepy in themselves but this mime was doing little audience participation bits. He played chess with this man in the picture which is fun but he came up to me and motioned for me to join him in taking a shower. I politely declined taking a shower with him.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

WHAT??? You don't shower with strange mute men in the middle of the street? tsk tsk.

Smiles, Karen

Oh, and what a good idea for the earring bar--what fun!

Mea said...

The local gossip is that he's moving due to high rent increases by an (insert dun, dun, duuuuuunnn)out-of-town landlord. This is all heresay though.

Sarah said...

haha i saw that mime at artstreet and i was like..."we need to get away from here...NOW." and ducked behind all the tents. he was scoping the audience for people to include in his show and it scared me! i had to be in one of the street shows at disney once and it scarred me for life!

otherwise, i had a really, really good time!

also, i love the earring bar idea! it's so cool!