Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The coffee shop next door.

Here is Premier Cafe that is next to me. It is a cute little shop that was originally a hamburger stop in the 1930's. It was made by basically bricking the front and back and putting a roof on. The windows that were once on the exterior of our building are still inside the coffee shop. Makes for a good smelling shop and house sharing a brick wall with them. We are kind of numb to the smell now but when people visit they always notice it. I made some business cards for them yesterday using this picture. Mine have been so well received that I thought they should have some too. They paid for the bulk of them with cash but I will get paid for my time in coffee..:)
They are having some good music there on Friday night... Eric Nassau and Megan Palmer. Hopefully it will be nice out so they can have it outside on the patio because with an 8 foot wide building it can get a bit cramped with music. We get to sit on our patio in the backyard and enjoy the music too. It is nice. So if you are around Friday night stop in and check it out.

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pamela michelle said...

Sounds like a great neighbor! I would love a coffe shop like that next door to me!!