Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some things just stump me.

So there is a local forum here in our fine city where it is commonplace to grumble about anything and everything. Now I don't get it at all because if you're gonna grumble then you darn well better back that grumbling up with some action to change those things. Or at least that is how it works in my head. We have been working very hard on this chair auction and have always been very clear with what we are doing with the money. 50% to scholarships, 25% to the Rahr West our local art museum to help fund educational activities, and 25% back to the group to fund future art events. Now I don't know about you but that seems to be going right back into the art community and very worthy of a charitable contribution. So anyone who doesn't agree please just ignore the auction, move aside and let us creative people pave the way for innovative thinking that will allow our community to move forward. Posting negative thoughts about a project that has been nothing but a positive force...really necessary?


David said...

Preach it sister! Can I get an AMEN!!

tina kugler said...

ooh, but the auction got "ORCHIDS" in the HTR! not "onions" like that sassy sea lamphrey found in the east twin river, or vandals! ha!

Mea said...

Yeah, what they said! People who complain should stuff a cork in it.