Friday, November 23, 2007

Check out this fantastic score....

I love old chrome tables and I adore the color yellow so can you imagine how happy I was when my friend Margarette had her husband drop this beauty off at the store!!! I love it because of the two reasons stated before but also because it is a perfect crafting table and just the right size for Persimmons. Molly already broke it in with a sharpie but someone told me if you use a dry erase marker over a sharpie stain it'll take it off so I will have to give that a try...or maybe not.

Thanks Margarette and husband....I love it. PS I sure hope I spell your name right.


Unknown said...

use a magic eraser - it's a white sponge like looking thing (made by mr. clean i think) - my oldest was drawing with a sharpie and it bled through onto my parents table - rub it with a magic eraser and voila - gone. magic erasers ROCK!

KathleenKMM said...

Using hairspray also can get Sharpie off!