Monday, December 3, 2007

A good load of loot.

I wasn't going to but I stopped at my local neighborhood St Vinnie's this morning before work and am sooooo glad I did. I found the best 1950's kids books! One of them got me really excited because it is one of the old linen books. My new internet friend who goes by Sillyboodilly on etsy recently had an article in the Holiday Somerset publication . She made some flowers out of the old linen page books and I may have to try them. You also might remember me posting a while ago about my wonderful pincushion that I just adore. Chloe still makes me smile.
Anywho besides the wonderful kids books I got a few shorthand books, a great set of pastel dishes, an old bingo game, a jar of buttons (come on Kim enough buttons already) a cribbage board, and a very cool japan vase. I love stuff.
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karmadog said...

I've always thought it must be really hard, with St. V's only inches away from your store. If I were in your shoes, I'd be late for work EVERY DAY.

(Spikking of SputFest, if I email "info-at-sputnikfest-dot-com," does that go to you directly? I have updates/questions for you.)

saffron said...

What a score! I've got some of those exact dishes too! I'm loving all of your Christmas goodies!