Monday, December 17, 2007

We are on the cover!!!!

Of the Herald Times Reporter (our local paper) today! Check it out here.

It's an article about being "green" for the holidays! I am so happy they used a picture with my Molly in it. She thought she was pretty cool when she saw that!


Unknown said...

Congrats, that is great news!

Kate said...

Yay! Congratulations!

David said...

Outstanding...very nice indeed. nice article and nice picture. Of course, I am the proud owner of the coolest piece of art to ever come out of the Persimmons empire...yes, that's right, I own an original portrait of moi' from the hand of one Molly Geiser!!!

BTW, check out my Dad's pics on the Stumptoons blog.

Mea said...

Hey! I saw that issue!! Looks great. Hope you had a nice holiday. I stopped in but you weren't there and I have a fear of strangers. . . okay, not really.