Monday, January 28, 2008

All around the country.

I found a bunch of the coolest hankies I have ever found today at my favorite place. I have listed a few in my etsy store and have a few more here for only $6! They would make really cool pillows or even framed to show your love for the states. Besides Iowa and Oregon I have California, Oklahoma, Montana, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Idaho, The Dakotas, and New Mexico. I checked em out on ickbay and a few were selling for big bucks! I think it would just be a super fun collection. I probably am so in like with them because I used to collect the souvenir glasses and they remind me of those?


Kate said...

Damn, no New York?

tina kugler said...

oooh, sewn together they also make great little curtains for the bathroom window!