Friday, January 18, 2008

Lost in a sea of fantastic blogs today.

Ok got to the shop at noon today and decided after checking my email I would of course check out the etc forum on etsy. Well I try to post in the daily blog thread and today I decided to really check out the other blogs from the talented and very funny etsians that blog. Ok it is 2 now and I have done nothing but read about other peoples Master Cleanse experiences and Black Toyota hate. Oh how I love blogs.
Oh this is a new pendant I listed on etsy. Probably my favorite product picture I have ever taken.


Kate said...

Love it!

Dayna said...

I saw your necklace earlier today. I like it. Not my style but something that I like. Give me another few years and I'll be old enough to wear what I want and eberyone will say I'm just old and crazy.