Saturday, February 9, 2008

A little tour of Persimmons.

A center display featuring many etsy artists... Kelley, Stefanie, Geri, Emily, and Kate.
The ladies are sporting my crocheted hats. Are they not smart and stylish?

The right wall. Lots of color! The artwork on the walls is mine.
That same side of the store but looking to the right. Lots of crazy fun stuff there including my mom's very cool embroidered dishtowels that she gives away at $6 a pop.
My clever (if I do say so myself) display for my pendants using knitting needles and a wire basket.
The beading area.
The very cluttered fabric button area. The cupboard behind that table is filled with yummy vintage fabrics, tablecloths, napkins and other linens.


Allison said...

Wow - it's so quirky! What a great space.

Unknown said...

Looks like a place I could spend hours in! I love love love it!

Shell Mitchell said...

Fabulous shop!!

Kate said...

I really wish I had the ability to visit. There are so many things in those pictures that I'd love to check out in person. Jealousy sucks.

emily said...

wow. amazing! so many great displays and wonderful art! Maybe in March, after the threat of snow is over, and things are still really slow, I'll make a roadtrip to it in in person!

Unknown said...

how cool.. i want to live there!

reagan said...

This is just fabulous! What a great place to spend a few hours looking around. I'm sure you could never see everything the first time. Beautiful building too, very inviting. GREAT job!